Organized in 2009, the Animals for Life Foundation, a 501c3 charitable organization, is working to educate the public about the value animals bring to human life and the care humans give their animals. Animals are an important part of our lives in many ways, for many reasons for many purposes. In 2015, the Foundation became part of the Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation.


Livestock and poultry provide more than just a healthy, inexpensive diet. Animals raised for food (meat, milk and other dairy products, eggs) and fiber are also invaluable in human medical treatments, and they provide us with materials that make our lives easier and safer.

Farmers have a special bond with their livestock, which is also their livelihood. Zoos provide opportunities for education, conservation, research and preservation. Animals also are a source of recreation, such as horseback trail riding, or recreation and conservation in the form of hunting and fishing, or entertainment. Animals also provide companionship and valuable assistance to people who have disabilities. And let us not forget that sometimes an animal becomes a part of human life for medical reasons, such as a patient who receives a new heart valve from a pig.

Whether it’s food and fiber or medical and social benefits, none should be taken for granted. Educating and informing the public will be a massive effort that the Foundation will undertake through a variety of methods and messages. We will need your support as we develop and implement programs and projects designed to undertake this important and much needed task.

Our Vision:
Society will treat animals with dignity and respect and embrace the quality they add to human life.

Our Mission:
We promote the proper care of animals and the many ways they bring quality to human life.

Pillars of our Mission:

- Animal Care
- Animal Use
- The Human-Animal Bond

Our Goals:
Create awareness and acceptance of the mutually beneficial human-animal bond while helping the public understand and appreciate the value of animals in their lives.

Increase public awareness and confidence that farmers properly care for their animals and do not condone the mistreatment of farm animals.