Have you ever stopped to think about all the ways animals are a part of our daily lives? What would life be without them?

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Did You Know?

  • Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is home to 3,000 animals representing more than 600 species.
  • The Columbus Zoo operates its own conservation program, donating money to outside programs as well.
  • Animal research was essential for the development of Herceptin and Tamoxifen.
  • Hunters contribute over $14 billion to the U.S. economy yearly, supporting more than 380,000 jobs.
  • More than 38 million Americans hunt and fish.
  • Pharmaceutical products rank second only to meat itself in the contributions hogs make to society.
  • Insulin derived from cattle pancreas is used to treat diabetics.
  • Because of its similarity to human skin, pig skin is used to treat massive burns.
  • Valves from young to full-grown hogs are used in valve replacement surgery in humans.
  • Epinephrine, which comes from cattle adrenal glands, is used to relieve some symptoms of allergies.
  • Lysozyme extracted from egg whites is used in eye drops and various cold remedies.
  • Eggs are often used as a culture medium in producing vaccines.
  • Sheep by-products are a source of cough medicine, insulin, pepsin and cortisone.
  • Animal gelatin from cattle and sheep is used in the process of manufacturing photographic film.
  • Animal cartilage is used for orthopedic reconstruction in humans.
  • China for dining is made using by-products from sheep, cattle and swine.